July 07, 2003


It's funny---it wasn't until I really got into the crunch of having to write up my thesis that I really got such a clear notion of what was left to do. Now that I have less than a month until I defend (on 6th August), I have a million things that I realise that I ought to have tried. Some of them I'll be able to do in the intervening month. And the rest... well, that's why there are Future Work sections. But still, I wish I'd gotten started on the writeup sooner; I think that in the end I would've gotten more done. Oh well.

"Just when you had all but forgotten that carbon-based life exists above the 49th parallel, those sly Canadians have redefined their entire nation as Berkeley North." --David Montgomery, Washington Post Posted by blahedo at 1:17am on 7 Jul 2003

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