July 15, 2003

First weekend at home

Saturday I saw most of my family on my dad's side at a memorial service for my great-aunt Ann---she had left in her will that as many people as possible should come and have a really big party, and her estate paid for all the distant folks to fly in. Strange idea, but cool.

Yesterday I met my sister's boyfriend's family. They're great; they've taken to our family's recipe for Hackepeter (aka "raw meat") like ducks to water, and even after Ryan left they hung around for a couple hours chatting with us. :)

And today I finally got to see Loren Kinkade for the first time. She's ten and a half weeks old and absolutely adorable.

Tomorrow I drive out to Galesburg to do some apartment shopping, open a bank account, and generally check out the town some more. Soon I should be able to give people a real address to mail me at, rather than the Providence one that is only good for another month, or my parents' in Palatine.

From the come-again-now? dept: "I think the burden is on those people who think he didn't have weapons of mass destruction to tell the world where they are." --Ari Fleischer Posted by blahedo at 3:22am on 15 Jul 2003

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