July 19, 2003

My week in Galesburg

I spent Tuesday through Thursday of this week in Galesburg, looking at apartments. Some were dumpy, some nice; all of them were massively cheap compared to Providence, of course. Two-bedrooms pretty consistently ran around $400. Anyway, I had settled on one when I got a last-minute call returning a message I'd left---I went to see it and ended up taking it. Slightly smaller, but way cooler. I'll have one bedroom plus a finished attic, so basically it's a two-bedroom; the kitchen appliances are vintage and in excellent condition; the floors are all hardwood; and the neighbours are all other faculty members. The apt itself is part of a duplex that got subdivided into two apartments, of which I have the upper one, so I have a downstairs neighbour who is a prof in psych, and a next-door neighbour---the landlord---who is a prof in bio. The residents of the next building over (also a duplex) also seem to all be profs.

I also set up a bank account at the Farmers and Mechanics Bank (aka just "F&M Bank"), an old Galesburg institution whose only branch outside town is in Peoria. It's got good ATM coverage, though, so that's okay.

Tomorrow I get to see people I haven't seen in ten years, at my high school reunion. Sunday I'll see a lot of my cousins and assorted other family members. And then I have to get back to my thesis, which I still need to defend. Argh, I'm so ready to just move on at this point....

"Consulting? Why would we consult you? Do you know something?" --Fr Henry Bodah

Posted by blahedo at 1:22am on 19 Jul 2003
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