Galesburg fire

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I haven't tidied these up at all, but I thought I should get them up asap. The path I walked was down Cherry Street from Grove, then east on Simmons, then north on Kellogg, through the parking lot to First Presbyterian and then across the field where the old Galesburg Club was to a parking lot right across from the warehouse. These started about 2:45 and finished around 4. The path I took this morning, shortly after noon, was approximately the reverse of that.

If you want to make use of any of these for publication or your own website or whatever, please let me know first. I have full-resolution versions on request (at 4 megapixels).

My breathless and disjointed account of the situation is in a blog post.

P1010003.JPG P1010004.JPG P1010005.JPG P1010006.JPG P1010007.JPG
P1010008.JPG P1010009.JPG P1010010.JPG P1010011.JPG P1010012.JPG
P1010013.JPG P1010014.JPG P1010015.JPG P1010016.JPG P1010017.JPG
P1010018.JPG P1010019.JPG P1010020.JPG P1010021.JPG P1010022.JPG
P1010023.JPG P1010024.JPG P1010025.JPG P1010026.JPG P1010027.JPG
P1010028.JPG P1010029.JPG P1010030.JPG P1010031.JPG P1010032.JPG
P1010033.JPG P1010034.JPG P1010035.JPG P1010036.JPG P1010037.JPG
P1010038.JPG P1010039.JPG P1010040.JPG P1010041.JPG P1010042.JPG
P1010043.JPG P1010044.JPG P1010045.JPG P1010046.JPG P1010047.JPG
P1010048.JPG P1010049.JPG P1010050.JPG P1010051.JPG P1010052.JPG
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