Novial '98 is an ongoing project to revive and improve (where felt necessary) Novial. Our aim is to leave it as close to Jespersen's original language (as presented in An International Language and Novial Lexike) as possible, but to fix up some problematic or difficult areas, increase the vocabulary, and ultimately present it to the world as an international auxiliary language. Therefore 1928/30 Novial is taken as our "status quo". Novial '98 es sta-esenti projete por ri-vivifikar e plubonizar (kilok sentit nesesari) Novial. Nusen eme es ke le rester tam proxi a li originali lingue de Jespersen (kom prisentat in An International Language e Novial Lexike) kam posibli, ma ke unesmim nus reparar problemosi o desfasili lokes, kreskar li vordesie, e finalim prisentar le a li monde kom internationali auxiliari lingue. Dunke 1930 Novial bli usar kom nusen "status quo".
Our forum for doing this is a mailing list called NOVIAL-REV, maintained by Don Blaheta. Anyone who wishes to join us in our work are welcome. The languages used on the list are English and Novial, but we would especially like input from people whose native language is other than English. If you'd like to subscribe, send mail to with "subscribe novial-rev My Name" in the text; to unsubscribe, send mail to the same address saying "unsubscribe novial-rev". Those wishing to argue the merits of another IAL versus Novial and so forth are not invited, however, as there are other forums for such debates; the list is for work on (and in) Novial only. Please note that decisions already made are considered final and will only be re-opened for debate if a majority of the group members vote to do so. Also, any people who feel they would like to join should make themselves as familiar as possible with Jespersen's language first (here are some Novial links). Nusen forume por he es posteliste nomati NOVIAL-REV, mantenati da Don Blaheta. Irge kel vud volir junkter kun nus por laborar es bonveniti. Li lingues usati che li liste es Anglese e Novial, ma nus spesialim vud volir kontributiones da homes kelen naskivi lingue es altre kam Anglese. Si vu vud volir abonar, e-postar a kun "subscribe novial-rev Men Nome" in li texte; por desabonar, e-postar a li sami adrese skriptant "unsubscribe novial-rev". Tes kel volir argumentar pri li meritationes de altri IAL ulter Novial non es invitati, tamen, pro ke es altri forumes por tal debatationes; li liste es por labores nur pri Novial (e parlatione noviali). Bonvolir notar ke li desisiones ja fat es konsiderati kom finali e va bli riviser nur si majoritate de li grupanes votar far talim. Anke, irge kel vud volir junkter dever unesmim devenir tam komprendanti kam posibli ye Jespersenen lingue (trovar hilok Noviali linkes).


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hi spatie intentionalim fad vakui