Changes between Novial28 and Novial30

There weren't very many changes between the Novial28 of An International Language and the Novial30 of Novial Lexike, but here they are.

  1. Numbers: 7 sep and 8 ok became set and ot.

  2. Vocabulary: There are a few vocabulary changes (e.g. monate->mensu, vorte->vorde); since AIL did not have a glossary as such, I will not list all the changes here but merely say that NL is the canonical vocabulary reference.

  3. Adverbs: the -im ending is no longer required if it immediately precedes an adjective. Thus extrem fasil, tot nudi.

  4. Future: The particle ve has been added by the side of sal to represent the future tense.

  5. Concrete neuter: Whereas in N28 the ending -um represents neuter, N30 has an additional ending also. The suffix -u represents concrete neuter objects, and -um is reserved for abstract things. These endings are primarily used in two ways: to form nouns from adjectives, and in the pronouns lu, lum.

In all other cases, AIL may be regarded as correct as a base upon which the N98 modifications are applied. James Chandler has put AIL online in its entirety.

Don Blaheta /

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