Blahedo's Language and Linguistics Links

Languages are just so _incredibly_ interesting... and important. If you don't know a second language, you should; in addition to the obvious benefits (being able to communicate with a large segment of people who don't speak your native language), it increases your cultural awareness and your thinking abilities.

But enough lecturing. :) I have a bunch of links relevant to languages and linguistics, divided into five categories:

General links
Stuff which pertains to multiple language types, like font archives, character set design, and some meta-indexes.
Auxiliary languages
Languages which are intended to serve as a communication medium between speakers of two different languages. Many are conlangs.
Constructed languages
Languages which people just designed for the heck of it. Some of these are fascinating. Note that IAL-intended conlangs are listed in the previous section.
Whereas the previous section lists actual conlangs, this section contains links about the process of conlanging.
Natural languages
Languages which evolved naturally and have a largely native speaker base.
The links themselves have been farmed out to other pages now, since the whole list was getting a little too long to be manageable (or useful). All links are mostly in English unless otherwise noted.
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