General links

  • The Yamada font archive has lots of fonts for many different languages and purposes.
  • Everson Mono is a font available for Mac, PC, and Unix which comes in separate varieties for all the major charsets out there. It's monospace, too, so it's nice if you telnet and switch charsets a lot.
  • Assorted character mappings that are standard in various places.
  • For those of you out there in Windowsland, UniEdit is a text editor which handles Unicode.
  • Many charset standards, incl. the important Greek, Cyrillic, and Japanese ones and most of the ISO-8859 sets.
  • ISO 8859-1 as it pertains to the WWW
  • ISO 8859 character sets
  • ISO 639 gives the standard two-letter abbreviation for many languages.
  • WordNet is useful for looking up words in various languages, without worrying about ambiguity of meaning.
  • The International Phonetic Association, which among other things maintains the International Phonetic Alphabet...
  • ...and a listing of ASCII-IPA schemes...
  • ...and an IPA webfont.
  • Here's a course in phonetics.
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