19 Jul 2010

Epic production

Just finished a run of Sound of Music, where I played an extra in the party scene and in the concert scene, but tried to be helpful wherever I could---which mostly put me in the costume crew. As much for my own benefit as anything else, I wanted to write down a list of all the different pieces I worked on for Sound of Music. Probably missing a few:

  • Moved buttons on Liesl's play skirt
  • Shortened shoulder straps on Emily's party dress
  • Removed too-short sleeves and set ruffle on Gretl's nightgown
  • Set sleeves in Marta's nightgown
  • Attached ribbon ties to twenty wimple forehead bands
  • Hemmed sleeves and moved buttons on someone's party dress
  • Cut pieces for four scapulars
  • Hemmed Brigitta's uniform
  • Hemmed Max's grey pants
  • Shortened shoulder straps on Liesl's party dress
  • Set elastic for Friedrich's three pairs of knickers
  • Repaired pocket in Friedrich's knickers
  • Attached hook-and-eyes to three nun's robes
  • Took in Lois's party dress
  • Tacked down lace on Maria's wedding dress
  • Added extra hook and eye to Maria's wedding dress
  • Added frog pocket to Maria's ugly jacket
  • Took in Kurt's pajama pants
Also, costume repair:
  • Replaced button on Kurt's shorts
  • Pulled broken zipper from Marta's concert dress
  • Re-hemmed Elsa's sequinned party dress
  • Repaired rip in Gretl's uniform
  • Reattached Max's shirt button
  • Reattached Liesl's uniform sleeve
  • Repaired Louisa's party dress sleeve
  • Reattached zipper in bishop's alb
  • Mended Cassie's yellow lace party dress (four times!)
  • Pinned together Justin's shoe sole and upper
  • Re-crimped chain on Mother Superior's pectoral cross

And despite having some small hand in at least one costume for almost every person in the show, that's a small fraction of what Shari Robinson (the costume director) did, not to mention the thirteen other people who helped on the costume crew. There were over a hundred "regular" costumes (60 just for the kids and Maria), plus almost 30 nun/postulant habits, each of which comprised 3 (postulant) to 5 (nun) pieces. (And I haven't even yet mentioned the sets, which I only helped a little with—some assembly on move-in day, masking the backs of some flats, stenciling the bedroom "wallpaper"—but which comprised four built sets, three drops, the Orpheum itself, and an actual rain machine. This was such a huge production.)


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3 Jul 2010

Don't forget the Greens!

Submitted for publication at the Register-Mail:

I was glad as always to read the Register-Mail's summary and analysis of our congressional candidates (in last Sunday's "Hare, Schilling, offer voters distinct choices"), but I was disappointed that the article didn't include even the briefest mention of the Green Party candidate.

I know a fair amount about the statewide candidates, and both Rich Whitney (for governor) and LeAlan Jones (for senator) have consistently impressed me with their ability to actually address issues and speak to us like we're adults. While I'm not perfectly decided yet (with many months to go!), I'm certainly leaning towards voting Green in those two races.

I'm not alone, either. The two larger parties in the state are both so dysfunctional (and keep nominating such dubious candidates) that a lot of people are fed up. As of mid-June, Whitney was polling at 9% against Brady and Quinn (34-30 respectively) and Jones was polling at 14% against Giannoulias and Kirk (31-30)---both are significant numbers for third-party candidates, and both Greens are gaining on their opponents in their respective races. (PPP)

Which brings me back to the congressional race. I actually don't know as much as I'd like to about the Green candidate in this district, Roger Davis. I can (and will) do my own internet research on the topic, but with the Illinois Green Party making a respectable showing these days, I do hope that future Register-Mail coverage will mention and give us a sense of the Green candidates, too.

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