August 12, 2013

Another school year begins

It dawned on me the other day that I started teaching ten years ago. I still sometimes feel like I don't know what I'm doing, though of course the experience makes it easier to roll with the punches. I can objectively see that I'm better at teaching than a lot of other people; but this requires a comparatively large proportion of my time, and I often wonder whether it would even be possible to (competently) teach a full-time college load (nevermind a high school teaching load!) putting in just 40 hours a week. If it is, I wouldn't mind being let in on the secret.

"Each kid takes their turn letting the quirks and imperfections of their peers roll off them with a mutter of that phrase, before they all come together for a moment of pure Christmas spirit. So this year, when your family members inevitably do something that chafes, try to let it pass through you with a sigh of 'good grief'." --Jonathan Prykop

Posted by blahedo at 1:09pm on 12 Aug 2013
After 22 years teaching HS...I still could never quite get everything accomplished without many extra hours beyond the "40 hour work week"... Posted by Jan at 10:56am on 17 Aug 2013
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