December 24, 2010

Upgrade complete-ish

I decided the design was good enough to roll out, although it still requires a bit of tweaking. It currently looks lovely in OmniWeb and Safari (webkit) and not-ugly in Firefox, IE, and Safari Mobile. Fonts currently work in OmniWeb, Safari, and Firefox, but I've only got TTF so the others are backing off to a few standard fonts; and the rounded corners only work in the desktop webkit browsers and the gradients don't work on iPods. But in all these cases there is a good graceful degradation, so I'm happy enough to slide the CSS into place.

Some readers might be pleased to note that the background isn't quite white; it's just enough off-white to take the edge off, I think.

Enough fussing for now. Merry Christmas!

"Two approaches we could take here. The first is we just stick to the facts. Lotta fun that is. The second is we wave cheerily at the facts en route to a more entertaining sociopolitical perspective. This is the Fox News system, and you can see it works for them." --Cecil Adams

Posted by blahedo at 3:32am on 24 Dec 2010
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