January 11, 2010


Over the weekend I applied the vertical stripes to the bathroom wall—the same underlying colour with a higher gloss. It took surprisingly long just to get the walls taped (because I first had to measure, then drop a plumb line and snap the chalk, and then be careful to get the tape straight!), so that the actual painting was almost anticlimactic and fairly zoomed along. Two coats in two days, and then the tape came down this evening. There's a little residual chalk that I think will clean up easily with a damp rag; I'll do that later this week once the paint's super-dry.

I think it worked! I need to get a better look under natural light, but it looks like it'll have just the effect I envisioned. One step closer to the goal (see my previous post)....

On Zionism (in 1901): "However attractive this dream seems..., the future Palestine would be very different from the idyllic Palestine of the past. Jews will be living there as if on a volcano.... Conflicts and persecutions there will not stop until the Jews are expelled from there once again." --Ludwig Zamenhof

Posted by blahedo at 2:58am on 11 Jan 2010
That sounds really cool, I can't wait for pictures. I have to ask about "idyllic Palestine of the past." When was that supposed to be? I read the bible and it seems more concerned about war than actual sheep herding. The land of milk and honey come off as not so idyllic to me, only better than being a slave in Egypt. Posted by lee at 12:37pm on 11 Jan 2010
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