July 10, 2008

Less-bad cigarettes not really less bad; film at 11

I just read a news article about the FTC rethinking its nicotine regulation policy: "FTC considers backing off nicotine guidance". The gist of it is that the 'standard smoke' that their machine gives a cigarette to test its tar and nicotine output is unrealistic, because real smokers "often alter their behavior" and tend to compensate for low yield by dragging harder and taking deeper breaths.

Which is what my mom has been saying for years, with respect to filters anyway. I was pretty amused.

"The Jews got stone tablets and the Mormons arranged for an angel to bring them their holy text, but ours was hammered out through a long contentious political process, sort of like the tax code, and that's something you don't care to know more about." --Garrison Keillor

Posted by blahedo at 1:20pm on 10 Jul 2008
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