May 20, 2008

More painting

Painting the various paintable bits of my house is one of those on-and-off projects that will probably continue for years, but right now I'm trying to figure out the long-term scheme for it: I've been mostly using plain white for trim, but I think the gables need something a little more. Here, for instance, is the front of my house as it is now (or rather, was as of last fall—some of the stuff on the ground has changed a bit):
My house (taken last year) That pebbled stuff just looks a dingy grey, and some of the rest should be something other than white.

I've settled on shutter green as the accent, and I think a brownish-beige to match the lighter tones of the roof would be good for the pebbling. Where exactly the green will go is still an open question. Two options: Front gable design #1 Front gable design #2 They're certainly not the only ones, either.

And then there are the two side gables, also all white right now (you can just make out one of them in the photo). I'm thinking this:
Side gable design The field area here is not pebbling, it's actually old shingle siding (hence the lines).

It'll be a while until I do anything with this, but I was playing with the graphics program so I figured I'd post. :)

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Posted by blahedo at 1:08am on 20 May 2008
I think you need at least two colors to go with the white and dark green. I think a manila yellow would look good and make the green pop. This site has a good example of multiple color use in trim with non-painted walls:

Other color which could work with brick, white and dark green are: lavender, lime, azure, or canary. Are you going to paint the siding as well?

Posted by lee at 12:45am on 21 May 2008
So, another in addition to the beige for the pebbling and siding? I kind of feel like green and beige and white and the red brick will be busy enough. (The only siding on the whole house is that shingle stuff in the side gables, which I will be painting, probably the same colour as I pick for the pebbling on the front.) Posted by blahedo at 11:59pm on 22 May 2008
Beige and white hardly count as colors. Victorian painted ladies often had multiple colors to highlight various details in the trim. Posted by lee at 12:34am on 23 May 2008
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