February 20, 2008

Warm and cold

Ok, so here's what I want: a small electric radiator that has just the form factor of a coffee mug. It would plug in and you could thermostat it to 85 or so, and use it to warm up your fingers when you're not typing. Because dammit, you can put on as many layers of clothes as you want, but the fingers still get cold, and you can't type with gloves on. This single device would probably let me lower my house thermostat by three or four degrees right there. Sigh.

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Posted by blahedo at 11:58pm on 20 Feb 2008
They exist. I seem to recall seeing them in a magazine (Real Simple, maybe?) very recently. They were talking about how you can use them to lower your energy expenses if you're a "work at home" type - they're the sort of thing that could sit on your desk and keep your work area warm without having to heat space you're not using. Posted by Chelsea at 3:06pm on 21 Feb 2008
Or you could buy a pair of those glove/mitten hybrids. They work great for typing while keeping your hands and (most of) your fingers warm at the same time. When I'm not typing, I can pull the mitten part down over my fingers to keep my fingertips warm. Posted by Susannah at 6:37am on 22 Feb 2008
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