September 13, 2007


That's how many people were at tonight's ballroom class.* It was overbalanced with women, but only about 2:1, so that's not as horrible as it might be. The encouraging thing is that the guys that were there appeared to be interested in their own right, rather than being the suitemate that got forcibly dragged along. There will be attrition, of course, but I'm optimistic that we'll get 3540 next week (and possibly with a better gender ratio).

Also, they were learning pretty fast. Which is always a good sign. :)

*Well, that is, there were 67. Not 67 factorial. That would have been a little excessive; we definitely would have had to move to the fieldhouse then.

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Posted by blahedo at 11:13pm on 13 Sep 2007
I blame Bob th Squirrel Posted by lee at 10:11am on 14 Sep 2007
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