May 01, 2007

Even geekier dreams

Flunk Day is really at the top of everyone's consciousness right now, and I've probably had five conversations about it in the last day. As a result, I had the dream again, which officially makes it even geekier: it's now a recurring recursing dream.

"A teacher has to walk a narrow path: you want to encourage kids to come up with things on their own, but you can't simply applaud everything they produce. You have to be a good audience: appreciative, but not too easily impressed. And that's a lot of work. You have to have a good enough grasp of kids' capacities at different ages to know when to be surprised." --Paul Graham

Posted by blahedo at 9:01am on 1 May 2007
What's Flunk Day? Posted by Sendhil at 6:55pm on 1 May 2007
Knox's spring festival. Classes are all cancelled, non-teaching staff get a half day, and it's a big party. Nobody other than a highly secretive five-person cabal knows when it will be until the morning of. Search for "flunk day" on this blog for descriptions of the last three.... Posted by blahedo at 12:40am on 2 May 2007
Oh flunk day. I heard today was it. Don't know what it's like now, but remembering it was always pretty hazy and slightly warped. As a prof., it is your sworn duty to go high five all the messed up kids who think it is really cool to hang with your teachers when they are messed up. Posted by shawn (97) at 6:45pm on 8 May 2007
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