April 13, 2007

The burnout of overextension


I'm teaching two and a half credits this term; it's by my own choice, and because the extra one (my Scheme class) was meant as an adjunct to the AI class, I figured it wouldn't be that much more work. But it's still three classes, and there are a ton of people in the Scheme class, so it's a little more work than I bargained for.

Also, there's a philosophy class on minds, brains, and computers that I'm sitting in on. So that's work, too.

And I'm supervising an independent study that I'm trying to turn into a larger reading group.

Plus my usual round of extracurriculars and a stitch-n-bitch I'd like to add in so I can have some pure social time.

All of which adds up to not very much sleep and a sensation of being dangerously overextended. Really, I don't think I've had a schedule this full since at least early grad school. Fortunately, I don't need to sustain it for long—just another six weeks.

But they'll be long ones....

"Skeptics of evolution may have the bad luck of being on the wrong side of the data, but the problem lies in the authority they choose to accept—it doesn't make them stupid or fit for scorn. In fact, they are revealing a weakness in Western science that many on the other side have a hard time seeing." --Chris Tessone Posted by blahedo at 9:44pm on 13 Apr 2007

As your life speeds up, mine takes a breath. I am on short term disability until the baby arrives. I expect to spend about the next 90 days not working. Posted by lee at 4:28pm on 19 Apr 2007
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