March 19, 2007

Burning the almost-midnight oil

Spring term starts on Wednesday, and for the second night in a row I find myself in my office working to or past midnight on syllabi. It's a funny thing, syllabus development—you have to decide just what you're going to teach, and at least roughly when, and what the projects will be, and when the assignments will go out, without knowing at all what the tricky spots are going to be for the students in the class.

The good news is, two down, one to go. And of course I've done it backwards: yesterday, I did the one for the course I just finished teaching, which was therefore the easiest. Today, the one I've taught before, but differently and two years ago. The one that's left? The one I've never taught before. Of course.

"If the Church stopped protesting the Monologues and instead started engaging women in an honest, healthy and mature dialogue perhaps The Vagina Monologues would no longer be necessary. Until then, I'm afraid we women will have to remain content with a monologue and pray that someone is, at the very least, listening." --Sr. Mary Eve

Posted by blahedo at 11:47pm on 19 Mar 2007
Which courses are you teaching this year? Posted by Chelsea at 5:42pm on 21 Mar 2007
AI and 142. Posted by blahedo at 8:49pm on 21 Mar 2007
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