March 01, 2007


Not going to get the Madwoman entry done tonight, either. I'm swamped with grading anyway, but whereas under other circumstances I might play it differently, I'm going to be gone all weekend at CBC; then I have to get a batch of grading done and finish writing exams for Monday; then, with the briefest of breaks, I head down to Cincinnati (well, Covington) for SIGCSE.

I don't think I've even touched my TV in two weeks, and there's been a lot of both-ends candle burning nearly every night. Yawn... well, back to homework grading.

"If you worked hard enough to earn your way into the womb of a woman living in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, it's your right to not have to suffer. Anything less would be communism, and those who say otherwise are jealous of the hard work that's gotten you to where you are now." --Greg Kaiser

Posted by blahedo at 11:58am on 1 Mar 2007
Where are you staying in Covington? Posted by lee at 1:31pm on 5 Mar 2007
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