December 11, 2006


5:10 Monday [Today's duplex]

We got switch to a new house today, thank goodness. I may feel a little better about the PoD than I did when I was working it, but I was really pleased that a shuffle put me onto a fresh gut. Today's job was this mazy little duplex; afaict it was originally a plain old side-by-side duplex, but at some point someone built an addition out back with a hovel of an apartment on the first floor and an extra couple rooms for the right half of the duplex. (The alley in the middle runs back there.) Later, or perhaps at the same time, the right half was subdivided so that the first floor was a two room apartment, the upstairs was a two room apartment, and the back addition was a two room apartment, all sharing a closet of a bathroom at the top of the stairs. There's a lot of old trim we're trying to save, not to mention furniture and other stuff: in this part of Central City, there was no flooding (or at least, not enough to reach floor level), but the hurricane itself blew off part of the roof, so there's a lot of ceiling and wall water damage. But the owners really can't afford a lot of replacement stuff, so we're minimising the "damage"---and if a wall just has crappy plaster, with cracks and small holes like plaster eventually gets, we leave it.

So this job has a fair bit in common with the house we gutted last week, although it's got its own share of, ah, interesting details. The hallways, for instance, are about three feet wide, and we have to lug all the debris through them (to chuck off the front balcony, since the stairs are a little too dubious). Which makes it hard to actually work on the hallways... at one point I was standing on the banister, leaning across the hall to get at the plaster, while debris crews carted stuff underneath me. Which was a lot easier than having to keep moving the ladder in and out, but I got a few funny looks.

Can't wait to see what the left half has to offer!

Posted by blahedo at 6:54pm on 11 Dec 2006
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