December 03, 2006

Road trip to NOLA

[The bunkroom at Hands On HQ]

After a surprisingly stressful trip, first because of the ice that still persisted two days after the western Illinois snowstorm, and then because of our ongoing attempts to keep seven independent-minded vans together, we arrived in New Orleans about 9:30, then got lost (predictably enough) and made it to the Hands On HQ around 10. This is only a temporary homeŚwe move to the Salvation Army tomorrow morning, which is where we'll bunk down for the next two weeks.

It'll certainly be interesting! It was dark and we came straight here, so we didn't see the worst parts of town yet. We'll see!

"People reward developers who deliver software that is cheap, buggy, and first." --Bjarne Stroustrup

Posted by blahedo at 10:51pm on 3 Dec 2006
Thanks for the updates. Keep them coming. I am sure NOLA will be awesome, rewarding, interesting, and exhausting. Take care. Posted by Mom at 9:57am on 4 Dec 2006
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