October 29, 2006

There oughtta be a site...

Hey Google! I have an idea for your next hegemonic expansion: song searching. With some regularity I'll get something stuck in my head, and once in a while it's either instrumental or I can't remember (enough of) the lyrics, and so there's nothing to google for. So it gets stuck. Sometimes for weeks.

There's one I've had in my head for two weeks now, and tonight another has taken up residence beside it. The new one does have lyrics, but I can't quite put my finger on it. To make it even worse, I can't summon the entire melody, just little characteristic snippets. Argh.

Maybe someone here can help: song number one is kind of a mellow jazzy sound (vaguely reminiscent of the Peanuts theme, as Kathy pointed out). Its rhythm is 1-&-a-3-4-1, that is, a triplet of eighth notes, then two quarter notes, then a whole note. The melody is simply mi-mi-mi-re-re-do, supported by a simple I-V-I harmony. Next line is do-do-do-ti-ti-la, same rhythm, with I think a I-V-vi deceptive cadence support. After that it gets a little fuzzy in my head. Song number two is more of a pop song, still mellow, and its sung melody overlaps just enough with another song that I can identify that it's running serious interference. But the characteristic riff just before the refrain is an instrumental mi-fa-sol-do-do, even rhythm (3-&-4-&-1). Both songs are played as American Rhumba at social dances and competitions, so they're probably around 32 measures per minute (or about 130 beats per minute).

You can perhaps tell from all the information I'm giving that I've thought about this a lot. You tend to do that when your mind gets invaded. Arghh.

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Posted by blahedo at 1:34am on 29 Oct 2006
I'm sorry I don't have anything to suggest as far as your song woes go. On a related note, I have always wanted there to be an IMDB like searchable database to songs and what shows or movies they may have been in (and conversely, what the soundtracks of said movies might contain.) The hard part's getting the data... Posted by Chelsea at 9:59pm on 31 Oct 2006
Hurray for Dancing with the Stars! Song number two above is "Fallen", by Lauren Wood. It's the rumba that Jennie and Derek danced to this week. :) Posted by blahedo at 12:03am on 11 Nov 2007
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