October 09, 2006

Three more!

Just three more FP papers to grade. I have got to get this off my plate; they've been waiting a week. And I need to move on to other things. I just have no idea how the humanities profs handle the volume of papers that they do; it's insane how long this takes. (Well, I do have some idea: I imagine "years of practice" probably figures in somehow.)

"My stepbrother's wife is from Hawaiʻi, and when they got married, they were living out there and had the wedding there. They didn't have a honeymoon afterwards, but I have to wonder where Hawaiian couples go for their honeymoon—Nebraska?" --Brian Sebby

Posted by blahedo at 3:19am on 9 Oct 2006
You know Don, time is the only thing you can't buy in this world. Sure, it may SEEM worthwhile, but in the end you'll never see those priceless hours of your precious youth again. Students have been saying it for eternity: Fewer assignments, fewer years of youth cast blindly into the abyss. Everybody wins! Don't you want to be cool? Posted by Mark Munoz at 11:56am on 9 Oct 2006
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