September 29, 2006


Ok, not really undead. But revenant! I have got to learn not to start post series. Pretty much every time, this happens: I get a few done, and then before the series is complete, I end up somewhat losing interest, but feeling like I ought to finish. Then, when some other blog post idea pops into my head, it's immediately followed by, "Ooh, but I should finish the series first". And this disinterests me and I go off and knit something instead.

So anyway, I'm around. I'm not even excessively busyŚno more so than usual for during the term, anyway. Just distracted. I'll try to post a little more often, though. :)

"I'm not a country club golfer. I'm a municipal course golfer who is both unfamiliar and uneasy with the conventions of country-club golf in which the pampering is so obsequious and excessive that an unfamiliar observer could fairly conclude that all golfers are physically disabled and mentally challenged." --Eric Zorn

Posted by blahedo at 11:19pm on 29 Sep 2006
Poor Don. This is how it begins. First, you start making little comments about how you've been busy. Then you start apologizing in each of your belated posts, while constantly reassuring your readers that you still care. Soon, people stop reading, and people stop believing. Once people stop believing, it's all over. You find yourself with a first-class ticket on a train speeding to The Twilight Zone. Posted by Mark Munoz at 12:10am on 30 Sep 2006
You know, I was actually getting kind of worried. I was going to give you a call if you didn't post for a full month. I expect your sister would probably tell me if something horrible happened to you, though. Posted by Greg at 7:51am on 3 Oct 2006
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