August 10, 2006

Credibility shot

I realised to my surprise as I was reading about the whole airline security hubbub that the Bush administration credibility was so thoroughly shot that I still kind of see this, at least the US end of it, as just a stunt. This level of cynicism surprises even me, honestly. But although we apparently have very detailed information on the plot, we don't even know at all what kind of "liquid" is involved? And more importantly, despite the fact that, again, we have very specific information about which flights and what people were involved and how this plot was supposed to work (involving flights originating in UK, even), no "liquid" is allowed on airline flights anywhere in the US, period, including toothpaste, which isn't much of a liquid. And the threat level is "raised to orange", when we had gotten rid of that whole system because it was stupid and meaningless then, and just as stupid and meaningless now, except as a means to instill terror in the entire population and use fear to boost the popularity of the administration.

It'll probably work, too.


"Baseball caps are inelegant. They are boyish. They are a symbol of the American determination to make every occasion, however special, into a subset of "casual Friday." They are sporty in the obnoxious extreme. They are everything that has gone wrong in American style since mid-century." --PeaceBang

Posted by blahedo at 9:29am on 10 Aug 2006
Yes, I can't help but doubt a bit and wonder again what is real. So many lies have spewed forth, that nothing rings true. I am so very glad that this did not happen a week earlier! Posted by lee at 3:12pm on 10 Aug 2006
But you see, it IS meaningful. It's almost election time again! *groan* Posted by julietta at 9:18am on 14 Aug 2006
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