July 30, 2006

It is finished.

At least, for a relatively narrow definition of "it", which includes the kitchen floor but not the walls, and a relatively broad definition of "finished", which does not require cleanup or threshold strips. But the main thing—fitting and adhering linoleum to a well-seated underlayment, rolling and trimming the edges—that, at last, is done. And with just two mistakes, one definitely fixable. The fixable one is that I cut a small extra notch in one place in the linoleum; but I've read that holes in linoleum are eminently patchable if you have scrap pieces of the original pattern (and boy do I ever). The possibly-not-fixable one is that the linoleum knife slipped and there is now a cut in my recently-polyurethaned floor. It's small, but in a fairly central position; I'm thinking that if I sand it and am very careful I can add an extra coat to just that end of that board, and the boundary between this poly job and the rest of the floor will at least be less obvious than the knife-gouge. We'll see.

"I wish I could just go to Lowe's or Home Depot and explain this and have them load my cart, but my experience there has been about 10% amazingly helpful people and 90% "It's over there *vague hand wave*" when I ask for assistance. I wish the 10% wore different hats or something." --Tori O'Neal

Posted by blahedo at 11:56pm on 30 Jul 2006
Alleluja.....bet it really looks nice. This weather is certainly conducive to working inside. Just stay cool. See you soon. Posted by Mom at 12:29pm on 31 Jul 2006
Congratulations! The only problem is, now that you're done with this home improvement project, there's 12 more on your list than when you started, but yet you keep asking yourself "where" and "why, oh why" to begin? Have fun! -j. Posted by julietta at 9:45am on 4 Aug 2006
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