July 17, 2006

Continuing occupation, resistance

Every time I hear about some new awful thing that the Israeli government has perpetrated, I just get more exasperated. I acknowledge Israel's right to exist, and successfully re-convince myself of it every time I find myself in doubt. But they piss away any international goodwill they might have, brush off any attempts to gently remind them what it was like to be on the other side of the ghetto wall, and undermine any Palestinian attempt at legitimacy before it can even get off the ground.

And yet, and yet. As a citizen of a country that has been doing a lot of the same things lately, I am acutely aware that there can be good, reasonable citizens unhappy with the evil acts of the regime that rules them. So it's at least somewhat gratifying to run across an opinion column written by an Israeli Jew in Israel and printed in an Israeli paper that raises all the objections that I myself have felt to the actions of Israel, not just in the last weeks but in my lifetime.

So I wish luck to Gideon Levy and the other Molly Ivinses and Arianna Huffingtons and Koses of Israel, in raising awareness of the issues and bringing their fellow citizens round to the measure of sanity that they clearly so desperately need before their country implodes from the stress. (And likewise to the MIs, AHs, and Ks of the US....)

"Without knowing the IDF strategy it really looks like Israel is ripping the heads of Lebanon's Barbies because Lebanon's cousin took Israel's Tonka truck." --Joe Shidle

Posted by blahedo at 10:36am on 17 Jul 2006
Link is 404 for me. I am intested in reading the column. Posted by lee at 2:59pm on 17 Jul 2006
Works for me. Try again? If not, google for "Who started?" and "Gideon Levy" on site:haaretz.com, and it should at least be in cache. Posted by blahedo at 3:03pm on 17 Jul 2006
New URL seems to be http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=736009 . Posted by Rory096 at 5:17pm on 19 Jun 2007
Thanks, should be fixed now. Posted by blahedo at 11:36am on 23 Jun 2007
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