July 10, 2006


My kitchen floor is way smoove now. Sanding done, I'll give it a day for the dust to settle, vacuum again, tack-cloth it, and then I'll be ready to stain. At last.

In other house-related news, I re-screened the swappable screen for the back porch door, and it looks greatóbetter than my hands, which sustained considerable damage in the process. I also installed a drip strip across most of my front porch roof, to patch up the huge gap the marginally competent roofers left between the roof and the soffits that let water in to drain onto my porch. It actually looks pretty good if you don't look too close (aluminum nails bend way too easily, and once they're about halfway in there's no removing them), and I have enough of the things to go all the way round the front porch eventually, but the rest will just be for looks. We'll see how well they function: we have thunderstorms scheduled for tomorrow and the next day, so they should get a workout.

UPDATE: Pouring rain, and my porch is dry as a bone. Success!

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Posted by blahedo at 11:38pm on 10 Jul 2006
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