June 13, 2006

So stupid!

Night before I fly off to SC to grade AP exams, and what do I do? Stay up all night watching the other six episodes of Firefly.

...but they were really, really good.

"It's like Jesus ascended into heaven, and it was all downhill from there." --Jonathan Prykop

Posted by blahedo at 7:19am on 13 Jun 2006
*Griiiins* Yeah, they are. I actually managed to addict Scott - AND all his train friends - to Firefly. I consider this my personal accomplishment of the year. Posted by Larathia at 9:22am on 13 Jun 2006
Oh! Dangit I meant to tell you this. Special screening of Serenity in the Chicago area. Yanno. If you're interested in seeing it on the big screen. (Possibly again.) Posted by Larathia at 9:53am on 13 Jun 2006
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