May 31, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like summer

10:00am: Woke to alarm. Turned it off.

11:30am: Got up, fed Nutmeg, drove to various stores to go bike shopping. Had some difficulty finding an actual cheapo bike, and in particular, one that had neither spring suspension nor quick-release wheel or seat. Eventually had success at K-Mart.

1:30pm: Returned home, took bike off car and started to adjust it, but got drawn into discussion with various locals about the house behind me. Eventually turns into a tour; turns out that the sons of the old lady who used to live there sold the house kit-and-caboodle, and it is full of stuff. New stuff, old stuff, some of it kitschy and some of it probably valuable. Dawn's an eBay aficionado, so it should all go to good homes.

2:30pm: Extricated myself from Dawn's new house but got talked into a tour of Sean and Susan's house a couple of houses over. Some really neat geeky stuff on display, both toys and artwork, and quite a lot of restoration work still to be done. Ended up sitting in the "game room" and talking for about an hour.

4:15pm: Finally got back home, fixed an early dinner and read the paper.

5:30pm: Fed the dog, then went out back to configure the new bike.

6pm: Walked the dog.

6:15pm: Checked email, futzed for a while.

7:45pm: Worked on the kitchen floor, sanding a moderate swath.

8:30pm: Sat down and finished The geographer's library, the audiobook that carried me through my last few roadtrips. (A decent book, though not without a few continuity errors. Forgiven in light of its spot-on depiction of the thinly-veiled "Wickenden University", with cameo appearances of the Chicago suburbs.) Also nearly finished lace knitwork I've been trying out of my Marianne Kinzel book.

11:15pm: Started a load of laundry, and sat down to check email.

And now I'll go swap the load into the dryer, and grade some CS 142 finals. But it was a simply delightful day, just taking everything as it came, not having to worry about deadlines at all. Ahhhhh.

"Tradition is the living faith of the dead; traditionalism is the dead faith of the living." --Jaroslav Pelikan

Posted by blahedo at 11:58pm on 31 May 2006
Sounds like you had a good day! Posted by elvin at 7:40pm on 2 Jun 2006
Whazzzzzuuup? Or: Hey Don, how's it going? Kiera got to spend the day with Kathy and Janet. They had a great time. Posted by Jon at 10:05pm on 2 Jun 2006
Glad your summer is starting off nicely. Where's the review on Colbert????? :-) Posted by Jenn at 2:36pm on 5 Jun 2006
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