May 24, 2006

Caught up!

Word to the wise: don't get behind on your lawnmowing.

Especially if you have a reel mower.

A few weeks ago, I had done an initial round of mowing on most of the yard (the part that grows faster), but the grass was needing mowing again shortly. I planned to do it over the weekend. But then, we gotóno jokeóa week straight of rain. Not heavy rain, but enough to make it impossible to mow. Last Tuesday it was clear and literally everyone was out there with their lawnmowers. I was trying to mow, but it was slow going. I only got the front yard done.

Then life intervened, and I was unable to get much further. By this Monday, large portions of the yard had gone to seed, and there were sections that were fully a foot and a half long. Yiiiikes. It was not only too long for my reel mower to do anything, I think even a regular gas mower would've had trouble.

I could've gotten a grass whip (think scythe), but decided to just go with the weedwhacker instead. Unfortunately, it is cordless, so I had to do this in 15-minute batches. And then follow up a day or two later with the mower to actually cut the grass down even.

So today I got the last of the whacking done, and all of the mowing done and re-done except for one incredibly thick, dense part of my back yard (although that part still looks ok). Mowing today the portions that I had already mowed a week or so ago was just as easy as it's supposed to be, trimming maybe a half inch or inch off the top, sending clippings flying in my wake.

And now I'm caught up, basically. It is imperative that I keep up! Because I sure as hell don't want to go through all that again.

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Posted by blahedo at 11:00pm on 24 May 2006
You managed not to decapitate any bunnies? One ugly consequence of letting a lawn get that bad is that rabbits will make nests in it. Well hidden nests that you only see when it is far too late and there are bunny heads flying. Posted by lee at 6:35am on 25 May 2006
The Flying Bunny Heads. Band name. I have no idea if such a band exists, but it should. Posted by Greg at 7:26am on 2 Jun 2006
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