April 15, 2006

Spring is here, Spring is here...

With volunteer tulips and peonies in the backyard, even.

I have to say, I find almost meditative the truly sisyphean task of weeding the dandelions.

In other news, I could have sworn that the tree planted right in the middle of my front yard was one of the purple-leafed trees that are so common in Galesburg. In fact, I have many pictures to that effect from last year. But it's leafed out and the leaves are perfectly green. Many other trees on the block (including the one in my parkway) that I remember to be purple are, in fact, purple. But this one is green. Baffling. (But not unwelcome, actually.)

UPDATE: Purple!

"Don would know how much more true that is than I do!" --Lee

Posted by blahedo at 5:10pm on 15 Apr 2006
I remember an old Archie comic about Archie taking up color photography and his enemy/rival Reggie(?) painting a tree purple and asking Archie to develop the pictures. Odd things one remembers. Is there any doubt left we are seeing climate change? Everything is blooming in the wrong order. I hope our food crops don't get as confused as the forsythia and crocus have. Posted by lee at 10:03am on 17 Apr 2006
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