March 15, 2006

Kitchen cleared

My kitchen is now empty, or at least visibly so. There's still a bunch of stuff in the cabinets, but all the tables and such are moved out, and the counters are clear. I think I'm all set to get started on tearing up the floor now; hopefully the timing will work out so that I can get this all done before the start of the term. I'm not looking forward to the temporary dining-room-as-kitchen arrangement becoming any more long-term than absolutely necessary. :P

"To be sure, being forced, physically or through peer pressure, to 'chug' beer is not an obstacle. It's a stupid, dangerous, self- destructive act. Who's more of a pansy? The guy who won't chug the beer, or the guy who lets himself be browbeaten into a pointless and stupid act?" --Scott Harman

Posted by blahedo at 5:31am on 15 Mar 2006
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