February 06, 2006

That could have gone worse

How odd. About six this morning, I woke up with a slightly upset stomach, and as I lay there it got worse. I went over to the bathroom, because I was sure I'd have to throw up. But it was cold, so I grabbed a bucket and went back to bed. I coughed into the bucket a few times, and broke out into that sudden sweat that you get when you're throwing up. Then I felt slightly better and tried to go back a sleep. A few minutes later, I grabbed for the bucket again, and got to a dry heave or two, but then it passed and this time I was able to get back to sleep.

And now I feel fine. I wonder what that was all about.

"Unrelated anecdote: I was just washing my dishes and noticed with surprise that both my pots and my kettles are all silver. I wonder what they call each other and what they mean by it." --Zach Miller

Posted by blahedo at 10:34am on 6 Feb 2006
This is your explanation. Sometime during the night, your body decided it was a cat. The feeling you had was your body trying to expel a hairball. Upon realizing that you are infact NOT feline, it went "oh no, not again." and remedied its mistake allowing you to go back to sleep. ** I would like people to note that I am very tired right now and have no idea where that thought came from. Posted by kathy at 2:46am on 8 Feb 2006
I second what Kathy says. That sounds plausible. Posted by Sue at 9:22am on 8 Feb 2006
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