January 04, 2006

This Abramoff affair

The thing that I find most interesting about all the manoeuvring involving Jack Abramoff is W's reaction. The administration is carefully not claiming that W didn't ever meet Jack Abramoff, distancing them as much as possible but still hedging for the possibility that they may have shook hands or had their picture taken, etc, etc.

But W is famous for his ability to remember people. Whatever his faults, his people skills are unparallelled, He remembers folks he met once years before; during his frat's hazing period, he successfully named upwards of two hundred guys he'd just met that week. When Reagan started in on his whole "I do not recall" routine, it was an awful lot easier to believe.

"Drowning in cheese is not a kosher death." --Don Engel

Posted by blahedo at 7:25pm on 4 Jan 2006
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