December 22, 2005

Christmas at war?

We're spending this Christmas at war, but there certainly isn't a "war on Christmas", despite what Bill O'Reilly and the AFA may find political advantage in claiming. See my letter to the Register-Mail that was printed Wednesday.

"What matters in determining mortality and health in a society is less the overall wealth of that society and more how evenly wealth is distributed." --British Medical Journal

Posted by blahedo at 8:10pm on 22 Dec 2005
Good on you for pointing out the disconnect between the season of American Pre-Christmas and the season of Advent. By the time Christmas arrives, I'm usually exhausted and wanting it all to end; Christmas really should be de-emphasized during December for very Christian reasons. Posted by Chris T. at 9:28am on 23 Dec 2005
Wonderful! Thanks! I can't understand how anyone thinks they have the right to demand that a store sell and market things for their religion. If they don't like what the store (a PRIVATE corporation) is doing, then they can shop elsewhere. Posted by Sue at 11:11am on 23 Dec 2005
Of course, that's what a boycott is---threatening to shop elsewhere (and then following through). They have every right to do it; it's just that their reasoning is quite shallow and their actions counterproductive to stated goals. Mostly, I'm just sick of the damned persecution complex. Posted by blahedo at 12:09pm on 23 Dec 2005
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