November 30, 2005


After a two-week hiatus, the roof guys are back today, and I'm getting cold just looking that them. It's sixteen degrees outside! Evidently, temperature is not a reason for them to take off work....

On Wikipediasurfing: "It always starts out with some modern presidential factoid. It seldom ends less than 90 minutes later, more recently than the 18th century, or farther up the line of succession than Secretary of the Treasury." --Matt Stanislawski

Posted by blahedo at 7:26am on 30 Nov 2005
Hi Don - I'm resurfacing after a year of hospitals and several months of Navy travel, etc. . . . and I'm on vacation. So I started a knitting blog: Come by and say hi. Posted by Theresa at 8:55pm on 8 Dec 2005
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