November 15, 2005

More news

Oh, and I got a phone call today.

Me: Hey.
Kathy: Guess what I bought!
Me: A car.
K: Yeah!!
Me: ... wait, really?
K: Yeah! Guess what kind!
Me: A PT Cruiser?
K: No.
Me: A Mini?
K: No.
Me: A Beetle?
K: Yeah!
Me: ... wait, really?
K: Guess what colour!
Me: Blue.
K: Yeah!
Me: Ok, that part doesn't surprise me. You bought a car?

So, my sister bought a car. Crazy. Mine's still cuter, though. And I bet hers isn't even a stick shift.

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Posted by blahedo at 10:52pm on 15 Nov 2005
Yeah, so, I expect that by this time next year we will have both a PT Cruiser and a Mini Cooper, both stickshift. Carrie is getting increasingly comfortable driving my car. In fact, she's had it all day for the last three days, including today. She just drops me off at the train station at the crack of dawn (actually, more than half an hour before) and picks me up in the afternoon. Posted by Greg at 10:39am on 16 Nov 2005
Mine is way cuter, but it is not a stick shift.... that part is true. Posted by Kathy at 1:50pm on 16 Nov 2005
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