October 15, 2005

And for tonight's excitement, we have...

After a late rise, I let the dog out and discovered my next-door neighbours pulling a cherrypicker into the back driveway; they were going to cut down the enormous dead tree on the corner of their property. This proceeded for a while, and eventually I left to go to the alumni-faculty ice cream social, around 4.

When I got back, after dark, they were working without a porch light on. Puzzling, and I thought, well, maybe they're trying not to night-blind themselves? The moon was fairly bright... but in fact, they had knocked out their own power. Oops. I turned on my back porch light, which helped them immensely, and then I said that (although I didn't have any long extension cords myself) they were welcome to plug in to my power. This let them set up a work light to finish re-running some electrical line, and they were thankful and surprised. Apparently the previous occupants of my house weren't very nice. But seriously, even if I were stingy, it's just one light, plugged in for maybe two hours.

Anyway, they have power again, the tree is mostly just trunk branches now, and the removal will recommence tomorrow morning around 10. (Thankfully, after I leave for church; especially after the power incident, I don't entirely trust them not to send a really heavy branch onto my garage. Which will be bad enough for the garage, but if it happens, I'd just as soon it not affect my car too. ;)

On Jon Stewart: "Those of us in television who dwell in the "actual news" realm are merely his content providers." --Brian Williams, MSNBC news anchor

Posted by blahedo at 9:16pm on 15 Oct 2005
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