September 19, 2005


"So what does unitCostsMoreThan do?"




"*sigh* good..."

"this scurvy GroceryItem..."

"yes, yes..."

"costs more per unit than a given othARRRRRRRRR GroceryItem."




It's my own fault, of course. I told them what day it was, and should not have been surprised at the result. :)

"Being a retired professor is a lot like being an ordinary professor, except that you don't have to write research proposals, administer grants, or sit in committee meetings. Also, you don't get paid." --Don Knuth

Posted by blahedo at 11:00pm on 19 Sep 2005
OMG I can't believe you blogged that. Good times good times~ :D Posted by LeeAnn Pecina at 1:06pm on 30 Sep 2005
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