July 26, 2005


My parents are such troopers. They came down to Galesburg for the whole week "to help with the house" (and check it out, of course), and most of what we're doing is cleaning. And a house that big requires a lot of cleaning.

"If Wal*Mart tried to sell high quality goods, their costs would go up and their whole cheap advantage would be lost. For example if they tried to sell a tube sock that can withstand the unusual rigors of, say, being washed in a washing machine, they'd have to use all kinds of expensive components, like, say, cotton, and the cost for every single sock would go up." --Joel Spolsky

Posted by blahedo at 10:56pm on 26 Jul 2005
I've always been a little fuzzy on this one, but I think it's "troupers" rather than "troopers" when used in that way. I've seen it both ways, though, but I think "troopers" is kind of like "should of" rather than "should have." Anyone else know for sure? Posted by Greg at 8:28am on 30 Jul 2005
It is troupers. http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?va=trouper Posted by lee at 7:04pm on 1 Aug 2005
Or troopers: http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?va=trooper (see def'n 3) Posted by blahedo at 7:23pm on 1 Aug 2005

Broken Lizard named their first film "Super Troopers". So if you consider a wacky comedy group the definitive source for English spelling, this discussion is over. :-)

Posted by ansible at 8:01pm on 1 Aug 2005

BTW, glad to see you read Joel Spolsky.

While I consider some of his basic premises rather wacky (like programming in VB is a good thing), he's got a lot of solid practical advice on running a software business.


Posted by ansible at 8:05pm on 1 Aug 2005
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