July 11, 2005


I just broke my first knitting needle ever; and for all that people carp about how easy it is to break wooden 0s and 1s while knitting, this was not an active needle---I had just made the mistake of standing them up in the side of the basket, and then I didn't see it when I went to reach into the basket. :P

"In my experience, God's pretty two-faced when it comes to micromanagement. I mean, one minute God'll be all, "Jonathan, I'm making you team-leader on this one," but then whenever I try to accomplish anything God's all like, "I'm going to make a few revisions or this will never fly with Marketing," and next thing I know I'm playing minesweeper all day and God's smiting half my department." --Jonathan Prykop

Posted by blahedo at 10:13pm on 11 Jul 2005
A lot of those small, wooden double points have a lifetime guarantee. You might be able to get a free replacement. Posted by Mark at 12:35pm on 12 Jul 2005
At least it did not explode. http://www.dilettante.info/images/knitting/explodingneedle.jpg Posted by lee at 8:11pm on 12 Jul 2005
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