May 18, 2005

Movie recommendations

Yesterday Ben Schafer from UNI gave a talk here on the subject of "recommender systems". Based on the abstract, it sounded a little... fluffy, but I was very pleasantly surprised. He was using some well-grounded AI techniques to process the various preferences of a lot of people and collate them into a single recommendation for you (based on what the system knows you like).

All of which is just an intro to say, go check out this site: MovieLens has you rate 15 movies you've seen, and then gives you recommendations on others. It seems pretty prescient so far.

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Posted by blahedo at 5:28pm on 18 May 2005
Holy cow, this is addictive! Posted by Chelsea at 11:05pm on 18 May 2005
I gave it a go. Rated about 130 films in less than half an hour. Most of the predicted ratings seemed accurate, generally within a half a point. Though there were a few amusing exceptions, like Star Trek V, which it predicted I'd give a 3, when I gave it a 1, if that. Dunno. In the recommended list, I didn't see anything I hadn't yet rated, but really liked. Heck, in the recommended list, I hardly saw anything I previously saw, which was suprising. It was also recommending a bunch of old movies to me too, like stuff from the 1940's and 50's. I do appreciate movies that actually have a coherent plot, but the old stuff doesn't seem to grab my attention, at least when I'm at the video store. Posted by ansible at 10:42am on 21 May 2005
Okay, that's officially the coolest thing ever. It's actually inspiring us to sign up with Netflix again, because there's a lot we want to see, and even more that we want to re-watch. I find it harder and harder to determine whether I agree with the predicted ratings, though. It's hard to second guess the website. :-) Posted by Chris at 8:07pm on 23 May 2005
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