April 20, 2005

It's official

My sister is now an old woman. That is all.

"What is 'correct' usage? We have no king to establish the King's English; we only have the President's English, which we don't want." --Zinsser

Posted by blahedo at 9:51pm on 20 Apr 2005
Dude, your sister's hot. Posted by Kimmitt at 10:31pm on 29 Apr 2005

So she finally turned 21? Congrats!

Is it making you feel old Don? I hope not, you haven't hit the big three oh yet, have you?

Angie's brother Mike just turned 40. He apparently isn't taking it too well.

Dunno. Except for bad joints, I still feel the same as I was in my twenties. I am more mature in some ways. Arguably less mature in others.

Life, it's a funny thing.


I encourage you to not publically lust after Don's sister. Might I remind you of the gymnast boyfriend (and DDR demon) who, while he seems a really nice guy, might take offense? :-)

Posted by ansible at 10:07pm on 9 May 2005
Ansible, you may want to fix your comment to Kimmit ;-) Posted by Anonymous at 7:50pm on 10 May 2005
Dude. Don. Dont call me an old woman. I can still kick your ass. Posted by Kathy at 4:43pm on 11 May 2005
I was wondering if you'd show up! ;) Posted by blahedo at 8:05am on 12 May 2005
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