April 13, 2005


A big shout out to Mary and Mrs. B of the IRS call centre in Kansas City. It seems I managed to forget to actually include my W-2 when I filed a couple weeks ago, and last night I got a call from Mary about it. Which I missed, but she tried back again this morning, explained the problem (asked if they had lost it but I said no, probably I'd just forgotten---I had), and told me I could fax it to them. I finally got a chance to get home to grab the forms and get back to the office to fax it around 4:30; about 6 I got another call from them, this time from the evening shift worker, concerned that it hadn't arrived. I said I'd faxed it, and she said she'd check for it and would I like her to call back to confirm it? Sure. And about a half hour later, she did call back, and it just hadn't been distributed from the fax to the desk yet, but now it was there and I was all set.

They didn't have to do any of this. This is just the sort of absentminded mistake that probably thousands of people make every year, and they could just drop it in the pipeline, send me a letter that I get weeks from now, make me file a formal amendment, gaahhh. But instead, they pay people to go through the probably more than a hundred million paper forms to make sure everything's in order, and actually make it easy to fix any problems that inevitably crop up.

So, good for them. And thanks to the two perfectly pleasant women at the call centre who handled my case!

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Posted by blahedo at 10:57pm on 13 Apr 2005
Vernon had similar good service from the social security administration recently. A woman called him up concerning his case and very politely went through the forms to fill in any thing missing. She said she even chose the time because people with fibromyalgia often do better in the mornings. However, he did encounter a harpy/Dr. Laura at VA. Posted by lee at 7:24am on 14 Apr 2005
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