March 22, 2005


Knox's Commencement speaker this year? Barack Obama. Oh yes.

"In Schiavo's case, God must wait in the wings until the courts and Congress are through playing Him...." --Burt Constable

Posted by blahedo at 3:16pm on 22 Mar 2005
I was about to get all mad and mention how Douglas Hofstadter, whom I asked Uncle Leon to bring, came to speak for Great Minds the year after I graduated IMSA and how it's not fair. But then I remembered Sue can walk in June if she wants to. She's been waffling about it, but I bet she'll go now. Posted by Chris T. at 3:55pm on 22 Mar 2005
Man, that's the best speaker ever! Only thing that could be better is if Washington or Lincoln some how came back to life and talked at a graduation. Posted by Chris at 10:25pm on 22 Mar 2005
WOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Posted by Sue at 10:03am on 24 Mar 2005
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