March 21, 2005

Shocked, depressed

I picked up my course evals today, and my 141 kids totally panned the class. Which is pretty surprising, since I didn't make any structural changes between fall and winter, and if anything I thought the winter term went smoother. But this last term's 141 was rated as disorganised, lacking clear goals, and overall poorly taught. Which is both disappointing and highly worrying, because a lot of that I didn't see coming. I'm thinking of fishing for clarifications, so I can at least figure out what they didn't like.

Now, the "too much work" eval, that I was expecting. I'm still not sure what to do about it, but at least I understand it.

"What's jousting? Jousting is when two guys strapped in armor charge their horses at each other while trying to knock the holy bejeesus out of each other with long wooden poles. Or one guy on a flying bird trying to turn enemy birds into eggs. Depends on what generation you belong to." --The Self-Made Critic

Posted by blahedo at 9:28pm on 21 Mar 2005
Did any other profs see a similar trend? Did the forms change or anything else about the review process? Were the ratings from comments or from the multiple choice exclusively? My feedback for classes was normally very good, but two things affected it oddly. Wearing dark clothes lowered my scores. Also Auditors graded lower. Posted by lee at 10:46am on 22 Mar 2005
This stuff comes and goes; if you're seriously worried, there are usually programs on campus which will send an observer or two by to give you pointers from people who aren't lazy-ass undergraduates. Posted by Kimmitt at 11:34am on 30 Mar 2005
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