January 23, 2005


I have lived in this apartment for nearly a year and a half, and for that whole time, the shower has had in it a (fairly standard) hanging rack for putting shampoo and soap and stuff in. The upper shelf on this rack has two "holes" in the rack, where the wires bend out of the way. I had on occasion idly wondered why this would be; they appeared to be places you could set stuff on the lower rack and let them poke through the top one, but I couldn't think of anything like that that would belong in a shower.

This morning, I noticed my conditioner was nearly empty, and so I decided to turn it upside down and lean it against the side of the rack. And suddenly, it dawned on me: the hole in the rack was perfectly sized to admit the cap, but not the body, of a standard shampoo/conditioner bottle.


In other news, a few links that have been accumulating:

On high school
I've raved about Paul Graham before. Another fantastic essay.
Last week the theme involved training US agents on "interrogation techniques", i.e. torture. After several days of blackboards in the background involving word fragments like "humil" and "suffo", Thursday's included the following text:

Week I
-  soften
- environ
- sleep

Week II
-   Ashle
-  Backst

No Sweat
If you are even remotely personally interested in not exploiting poverty-stricken workers in Southeast Asia and elsewhere (regardless of your thoughts on what the government policy should be), you should check out this site. They sell a variety of clothing, some made in the US and some abroad, but all of which is guaranteed to be sweatshop-free. Some items are a bit pricy, but a lot of it is fairly reasonable. (When you're not paying a 30% surcharge for a brand name, I guess you can afford to actually pay the workers, eh?)

"You know sir, you're not as dumb as I am for starting this sentence." --Doonesbury

Posted by blahedo at 9:28am on 23 Jan 2005
There's also a company called SweatX that uses no sweatshops. I saw a report about them on TV a long time ago. www.sweatx.net Posted by Sue at 5:13pm on 27 Jan 2005
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