January 14, 2005

Spanish music videos

My latest discovery is a TV station called MTV Espaņol. I'm seeing some pretty freaky shit, yo. I mean, these videos are seriously bizarre. At the moment there's one called "Amateur" by Molotov that heavily samples that old 80s hit "Rock me Amadeus"; I wish I could understand all the lyrics, because the video appears to involve a tall blond Germanic type being trained to do something involving hot dogs. Like, catching them in his teeth, lifting large packages of sausage, and winning staring contests with them. Against a Japanese guy who seems to be the world champion and goes around autographing hot dogs. (Not to give it away, but the Germanic guy wins in the end when the Japanese guy is shown to have been eating hollowed-out hot dogs.)

I swear to God I'm not drunk.

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Posted by blahedo at 9:50pm on 14 Jan 2005
yeah i saw this vieo watching this new station called the international music feed. the video was awesome. i dunno but think it made the song seem cooler even tho it may have had nothing to do with the lyrics. i was lucky to catch this cuz i turned it to that station for five min. just to see wut the hell it was. neways, the video wuz pretty damn weird, but i liked it. and i wasn't drunk either. Posted by brandon at 10:28pm on 19 Apr 2005
yes iv seen he video on pepsimusica and i loved it so much and i couldnt firgure out who it was by and what the song was and it was so mysterious but then they mentioned the group and i searched it right away...omg so genius!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the hotdog competition....good stuff Posted by sophie at 12:29pm on 1 May 2005
muy bien Posted by kakaka at 8:34pm on 11 Jul 2005
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